Retro Radio

December 1, 2019

For this project I restored a 1930s radio but instead of making it play AM stations, it now plays Bluetooth and music of it’s era. But, the music is tuned in using the radio dial just like it did back in its day.

The radio is a Philco 37-11 made in 1937. 5900 of them where made and had a 7 watt amp. The original price of the radio was $150.

I used a Pyle PFA330BT – 90 Watt Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Stereo for the amp and a Raspberry v2.0 to play the music. All code to play the music was done in Python.…

I was surprised when I finished this project and it was posted on HackADay. People were angry that I did this to an old radio. I’m confident I made the right decision because the 1937 radio only had AM stations and the tubes get really hot. The new design is much more useful while keeping the vintage look. I think it is awesome and it came out really nice. But, read the comments from HackADay for yourself to see how upset some people get over this.

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