Why Choose a Career in Code?

November 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered why people choose software development as a career or if you should? Aside from the higher salary and abundance of job opportunities, talking to a computer all day is one of the best choices you can make. Here are five reasons why I support this decision.

1. Keep the Mind Active

If you like solving brain teasers, then you will love software development. Software code will give you feedback on how well you have designed a solution to solve the puzzle. I’ve always said, “The trouble with software is that it does exactly what you say, not what you mean.” If everything runs perfectly, then you have beaten that puzzle, and tomorrow there will be a new challenge.

2. Build Mental Toughness

Software development keeps you humble, open-minded, and fearless of failure. The great thing about software is that the same problem can be solved multiple ways with multiple methods. Along the path to find a solution, you will most likely fail many times. This failure keeps you searching for a solution and accepting failure as an event on the path towards success.

3. Flexible Work Environment

Software development doesn’t require physical labor every day making it easy on your body. While it may seem an obvious drawback may be sitting at a desk all day, it also means you can have the flexibility to work while laying in bed, sitting on an airplane, or at your favorite coffee shop. Your work doesn’t depend on how much or how long you can lift, push, or carry something. In software development, you can work well past the average retirement age, which is great because I believe software developers get better with age.

4. Instant Gratification

Every piece of code you get working will be a small win that keeps you motivated and drives you towards accomplishing the project. The best thing is, you can make these milestones any size you wish. I suggest keeping them relatively small. The sense of accomplishment in small doses can be powerful and very satisfying.

 5. Prepares You for Life

The software development life cycle is just like the recipe for life: plan, analyze, design, implement, test, and evaluate. This way of thinking can be used in every project, course, procedure, event, or situation that life can throw at you. Software developers are excellent planners. Just don’t forget to take the time to plan your life like you do your software. 

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