Yuneec Q500 Zigbee Decoded

February 6, 2019

In this video I decoded most of the Yuneec Q500+ ZigBee protocol using the Texas Instrument packet sniffer. I also show the Q500 flying using Google Earth while decoding the packets real-time.

The protocol isn’t completely decoded. That is why I have the giveaway for the Zigbee sniffer. If you didn’t win it, you can buy one of your own on Ebay or Amazon. Just search for “CC2531 Zigbee Sniffer”

I’ve been trying to post this project since late december. I’ve have so many problems getting this video done. Sometimes weather but mostly just lack of time. One instance I did the entire flight and my screen capture stopped working! I thought even my computer was against me.

You can download the protocol spreadsheet below. Please email me any updates and I’ll get them posted.

Enjoy the video!

Project was also posted on HACKADAY! Dan Maloney wrote the article. I think he must be one of the best technical writers. He also wrote the HACKADAY article for the Lamborghini traction control project. Check it out.